Accord Agreement Breach

j$k1546427j$k If the contractual debt cannot be settled or executed, an agreement can be reached to settle the debt in a new way. The Supreme Court considered whether the accused had entered into an enforcement agreement, an agreement and a satisfaction or replacement contract. The […]

A Licensing Agreement Is An Arrangement Whereby

j$k1543596j$k In addition to the details of all parties involved, detailed agreements define how licensed parties can use properties, including the following parameters: licensing can also be made for the use of a trade name, for the distribution of imported products and for a service. […]

1984 Crew Consist Agreement

j$k1540765j$k An appendix includes a list of resolved questions and answers that interpret various articles from the Eastern District Crew Consist Agreement that were discussed with you at the August 15 conference. MeredithDirector-Labor Relations/EDUnion Pacific Railroad Co. Trains of 72 cars to 121 cars, but […]