Master Subscription Agreement Meaning

« Additional features » refers to additional functions or functions (including, but not limited, created by Zendesk Marketplace apps, Zendesk Labs, fast access programs or beta services) that are available or enabled via the service but are not part of the service. Other functions include third-party services purchased and/or subscribers via an order form, which are resold by Zendesk and are governed by the third party`s alternative agreement. Additional features are acquired or enabled separately and unambiguously from your service plan and related services provided. « Built by Zendesk Marketplace Applications » refers to integrations and applications created or developed by Zendesk or its related companies and made available in the Zendesk Marketplace (available at and which are governed by this Contract, unless Zendesk provides you with another agreement at the time of your availability or access to integration or application. 2.4 Subscription sold through resellers. The parties agree that the customer can purchase software through resellers whose use is governed by this agreement. Software purchased through a reseller, including multi-year subscriptions, is not subject to cancellation. When the customer buys software through a reseller, the dealer signs an order with OutSystems, which tells the customer as « shipping » and the reseller as a « bill » party. Resellers and customers will enter into a separate agreement specifying the fees the customer must pay the reseller for such a subscription. Outsystems accepts that, subject to receipt of payment by the reseller pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, it is responsible to the customer for the provision of subscriptions under any order form. The Customer herely acknowledges that OutSystems is not liable for a reseller`s obligations to the customer under such a separate agreement, for the dealer`s actions or omissions, or for the products or services provided by a reseller to the customer. In order to avoid doubts, payments and taxes are dealt with in the agreement between the dealer and the customer, namely section 5.1.

5.2. do not apply to subscriptions sold through resellers. 11.13 No invitation. For the duration of this agreement and for a period of six (six) months after, neither party may directly or indirectly apply for or cease the employment or hiring of one of the workers on the other party, with the exception of the recruitment of staff in response to a general recruitment of a job to the public. This promise must be considered an independent agreement, but it is next to another provision of that agreement. 5.3. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the terms roughly used in this exhibition have the meaning assigned to you in the subscription documents. 3.2 Cancellation.

Each party may choose to terminate your account and subscription for a service at the end of your current subscription period by providing a notification no later than thirty (30) days before the end of this subscription period, in accordance with this Agreement. 3.4 Payment in case of termination. With the exception of the termination in Section 3.3, if you cancel your subscription for a service or terminate your account before the end of your subscription, or if we terminate or resile your account in accordance with Section 3.3, you must immediately pay all unpaid subscription fees related to the remainder of that subscription period, in addition to all other amounts you owe to Zendesk.