Disney Photopass License Agreement

The Disney PhotoPass License Agreement: All You Need to Know

If you`re planning a trip to one of the Disney theme parks, you may already be familiar with the Disney PhotoPass service. This service offers visitors the option to have professional photos taken during their visit, which can then be accessed and purchased online. But with the convenience of this service comes an important consideration: the Disney PhotoPass License Agreement. Let`s take a closer look at this agreement and what it means for you.

What is the Disney PhotoPass License Agreement?

The Disney PhotoPass License Agreement is a legal agreement that governs the use of Disney`s PhotoPass service. By using the service, visitors agree to the terms of the agreement, which include granting Disney the right to use and distribute their photos. The agreement also outlines restrictions on how visitors can use the photos themselves.

What rights does Disney have to the photos?

By agreeing to the Disney PhotoPass License Agreement, visitors grant Disney the right to use and distribute their photos « in any and all media, now known or later developed. » Essentially, this means that Disney can use the photos in advertising, on merchandise, or in any other way they see fit. The agreement also allows Disney to sublicense the photos to third parties.

However, it`s important to note that Disney`s use of the photos is limited to « non-commercial purposes. » This means that they can`t sell the photos themselves or use them to promote products or services that aren`t related to Disney.

What restrictions are placed on visitors` use of the photos?

The Disney PhotoPass License Agreement also includes restrictions on how visitors can use the photos themselves. Specifically, visitors are not allowed to sell or distribute the photos for commercial purposes. They are also not allowed to use the photos in a way that implies endorsement or sponsorship by Disney. For example, visitors can`t use the photos to promote a business that has no affiliation with Disney.

Visitors are allowed to download and print the photos for personal use, but they cannot make any modifications to the photos or remove any watermarks that appear on them. Visitors also cannot use the photos to create derivative works, such as collages or montages that include elements from other sources.

What should visitors consider before using the Disney PhotoPass service?

Before using the Disney PhotoPass service, visitors should carefully read and understand the terms of the Disney PhotoPass License Agreement. They should also consider whether they are comfortable with the idea of Disney using and distributing their photos. If visitors have concerns about the agreement, they may want to reconsider using the PhotoPass service or speak with a Disney representative to clarify any questions they have.

In conclusion, the Disney PhotoPass License Agreement is an important consideration for anyone planning to use the PhotoPass service at a Disney theme park. Visitors should be aware of the rights they are granting to Disney and the restrictions placed on their own use of the photos. By understanding the agreement, visitors can make informed decisions about whether to use the service and how to use the resulting photos.