Share Custodian Agreement

A share custodian agreement is a contractual agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for the safekeeping and management of shares by a share custodian. A share custodian is an entity or individual responsible for holding and managing a client’s shares in a company.

The importance of a share custodian agreement lies in its ability to set out clear guidelines and responsibilities for both the custodian and the client. This agreement can provide protection for both parties and ensure that the shares are handled in a responsible and efficient manner.

One of the key provisions in a share custodian agreement is the identification of the shares to be held by the custodian. The agreement should outline the specific shares that are being held, including the number of shares and any applicable restrictions or limitations.

The agreement should also set out the responsibilities of the share custodian, including the duties and obligations that must be fulfilled in managing the shares. This may include provisions relating to the safekeeping and maintenance of the shares, regular reporting requirements, voting rights and any other responsibilities that may be relevant to the specific arrangement.

Another important aspect of a share custodian agreement is the protection of the shares against loss or damage. The agreement should outline the measures that the custodian will take to protect the shares, as well as any insurance policies that may be in place to cover any losses that may occur.

In addition to protection, the agreement should also address the issue of liability in the event of any losses or damages. The agreement should specify the circumstances under which the custodian will be held liable and the extent of such liability.

In conclusion, a share custodian agreement is an essential document for any client who wishes to entrust their shares to a custodian. It provides a clear and concise framework for the management of the shares, and ensures that both the custodian and the client are aware of their respective responsibilities. By having a well-drafted share custodian agreement in place, clients can rest assured that their shares are being handled in a safe and responsible manner.